Local Grinches were caught on camera stealing from parked cars in Allegheny County

SHALER TOWNSHIP — As the holiday season gets underway, Shaler Township is dealing with a couple of Grinches.

Two people with hoods on were caught on security camera attempting to break into cars on Louann Street.

Police said the suspects successfully got into several other cars nearby as well, late Thursday night.

“Several residents this morning woke up to find their vehicles had been rummaged through and items stolen from their vehicle,” said Shaler Township Lt. Josh Watkins.

According to the police, the thieves got away with items ranging in value. Notably, two handguns were reported stolen.

“We suspect bands of outside teenagers brought in from the city,” said Watkins, describing the suspects.

Investigators said at least a dozen people reported items stolen from their vehicles overnight Thursday. That pushes the total number of thefts from cars in Shaler to more than 80 for the year.

Watkins said none of the cars targeted were locked.

“This is a crime of opportunity,” he said. “They’re not looking to bring attention to themselves. They’re not looking to set off car alarms or wake your neighbor up. They’re looking to do this undetected.”

With holiday shopping in full swing, police are reminding everyone to lock their cars and not leave packages or shopping bags in vehicles overnight.

“If your car door’s unlocked and they open it up, they’re going to help themselves to whatever’s of value inside your vehicle,” said Watkins.

If your car was broken into in Shaler, or you know anyone who might be responsible, you’re asked to call the police.

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