Local man accused of impersonating police officer, harassing elderly woman

PITTSBURGH — A Pitcairn man is facing a slew of charges, including impersonating a public servant, after confronting an elderly woman along Route 22 in Monroeville.

Police say Jason Birdwell, 51, followed a woman along Wall Avenue and onto Route 22, getting out of his vehicle and walking onto the median to approach her car. The woman drove away and Birdwell allegedly followed her into a restaurant parking lot on Northern Pike. The woman said Birdwell got out of his car and yelled at her, pointing to his body camera and telling her he caught her speeding. The woman said that while she got out of her car to walk into the restaurant, Birdwell yelled obscenities at her and closely followed. She said he left when she called 911.

Monroeville police said they located Birdwell driving on Route 22 and made a traffic stop. Birdwell allegedly stated he had a right to stop the woman for speeding because “he was tired of the police not doing their job.”

Police said they found a loaded gun, handcuff key, flashlight, clipboard used to write traffic tickets and notebooks with traffic violations in them in Birdwell’s vehicle. They also found a fabric patch with “Fugitive Recovery Agent” on it.

Birdwell also has been charged with harassment, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, firearms violations, stalking and possessing instruments of crime and more.