Local stores dealing with delayed deliveries as holiday shopping season kicks off

PITTSBURGH — According to some retailers, supply chain issues are causing a nightmare before Christmas.

Local toy shop S.W. Randall tells Channel 11, the delay in products means they won’t be able to restock anything in their stores before the holiday.

“We are selling stuff everyday, we were slammed today,” said owner, Jack Cohen.

“We can’t reorder product.”

Economic recovery from Covid has thrown a wrench in the supply chain.

According to the Toy Association, 85% of all toys sold in the United States are imported from China. Cohen says their inventory is coming in from California and 50 percent of their usual Christmas products, he won’t be able to get this year.

“A lot of the companies don’t have inventory, its all stuck at the harbors, there is no one to unload the boats, no one to drive the goods. Its a problem for everybody,” said Cohen.

According to Matthew Shay, CEO and President of the National Retail Federation, there isn’t a quick fix to the issue.

“It’s gonna take a few months. I think, in many cases, it’ll be well into next year before we see these things come back into balance,” said Shay.

Cohen said he expects to sell everything currently on S.W. Randall’s shelves and if parents are planning to get toys under the tree this year, they need to act fast.

“I tell the people to shop early, you can’t wait until Christmas, we are slammed, its not going to work, we are going to have empty shelves.”

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