Man taken into custody after breaking into Pittsburgh Zoo

PITTSBURGH — A man was taken into custody after he broke into the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium on Wednesday night.

Investigators said the man was running around the Pittsburgh Zoo after hours, going from exhibit to exhibit.

According to police, he got into the zoo shortly before 8 p.m. by jumping a fence. He then began running toward the animals.

The zoo said it has a 24-hour security presence and was immediately aware of the breach. Pittsburgh police were called and quickly responded.

The man was apprehended with no injuries and was removed from the premises, officials said.

All animals and personnel are safe, and property was not damaged, the zoo said.

“As part of our extensive safety protocols, the zoo conducts regular drills for emergency situations to keep animals and guests safe. We responded quickly and we had the right people here to take action: security and animal care staff. Everybody did everything right,” Dr. Jeremy Goodman, President & CEO of the zoo, said in a statement.

The zoo said it will continue with standard operations Thursday.

Pittsburgh police said no charges have been filed at this time, and the investigation is ongoing.