Man wants answers after comment on social media costs him teaching job

MUNHALL, Pa. — A Steel Valley High School teacher says he is looking for answers after he was fired for a comment he made on social media.

Alan Francis, who has been a full-time substitute at the high school for seven years, told Channel 11’s Brandon Hudson that the school district told him he was fired over a comment made to a female student on Facebook or Twitter.

According to Francis, a parent complained about a comment, but he was never told what exactly was said. The school district told him the statement was not vulgar or inappropriate.

“Supposedly a mother had come forward. They said I made a comment to her daughter on Facebook or Twitter, I guess,” Francis said.

Francis said he’s very careful about what he says on social media since all of his comments are public.

He said he’s confused about the entire situation and simply wants an explanation.

“They haven’t told me what was said or even if I was the one who said it,” Francis said. “They said it was not vulgar, explicit or sexual in nature.”

Francis said if the situation is a misunderstanding and he’s offered his job back, he’d return.

“It hurts to get let go this way after seven great years,” Francis said. “I love the kids there. I love the students. I love the people there.”

The school district has not commented on the incident.

“I appreciate your diligence in gathering as much information as possible about a story before you broadcast it.  Our policy is not to discuss personnel issues in public, so I have no comment,” Steel Valley Superintendent Ed Wehrer said.