Neighbors frustrated with man in Ross Township running business in residential area

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Neighbors want to know why a man who isn’t a Ross Township resident is allowed to operate his tree cutting business in their neighborhood. 

They tell me it’s ruined their street and has destroyed their property values and the environment.

“It’s loud. It’s a constant sound of dumping and woodchippers,” a neighbor tells Channel 11.

Neighbors on Transvaal Avenue say the heavy machinery, tree trimming trucks and chain saws run for hours every day.

“How many trucks a day? 10-15? I hear smashing, booms - he’s using it as a dump,” another neighbor adds.

Neighbors say this plot of land off Transvaal Avenue is zoned residential, but it’s being used for a business owner’s commercial business.

“It looks like a bomb has gone off here. Unbelievable,” a neighbor adds. “It’s an industrial operating in a residential area. Take a look around. These are all homes of hardworking Pittsburgh people.”

We were there as the Ross Township zoning board toured the site, and it immediately became even tenser. The police were called to help keep the peace between neighbors and this business owner.

“We have zoning laws for a reason, and they’re not being followed,” neighbors say.

Across from these homes, Channel 11 found land that had been cleared and scaffolding, machinery and massive containers.

“No one else got special permission to do anything like this,” another neighbor adds.

“We have asked this township to cease and desist this operation immediately,” another neighbor says.

We had a chance to talk to the owner of the tree trimming business. He says he bought this land for storage, and it’s not used as a business.  He feels neighbors are trying to shut down his livelihood and ruin his reputation.

The topic of the land on Transvaal Avenue will be on the agenda at the next zoning hearing, April 13.  The Ross Township zoning board could decide on what’s permitted and what’s not as soon as then.