Open Streets Pittsburgh event brings cyclists, runners to East Carson Street

PITTSBURGH — Whether you’re walking or peddling, Open Streets Pittsburgh knows how to use lemons to make lemonade during a sour time.

Heidi Myers jumped on the opportunity to get outside at Open Streets. Along with bike riders and runners, people got fancy in how they took to East Carson Street.

“It’s amazing to see Pittsburgh grow,” Myers said. “Pittsburgh becoming a future city, becoming more bike friendly, becoming more citizen aware. I can’t speak enough for the advocacy Bike Pittsburgh has done for the past 20 years.”

The event, organized by Bike Pittsburgh, was back in full swing this year for the first time since 2019, encouraging people to use the rarely closed roads for something other than driving.

“It’s wonderful, it’s been great,” said Christopher Allen, a safety team volunteer. “To see 10,000 people on East Carson Street, families, kids, dogs, even cats getting pulled around on trailers. It’s just great.”

Bike Pittsburgh marketing communications manager Julie Walsh said things were a bit different this year. Masks were offered along with hand sanitizer, and the layout was changed to allow for social distancing.

“With COVID shutting down events, we’re so excited to be back in a safer way,” Walsh said. “Encouraging social distancing, the event layout so you can feel safer.”

Myers said she’s excited to see the event back for its 20th year, and is looking forward to more.

“It brings the community together, and it’s a great opportunity to get out and see your neighbors and smile and wave and say hi to everyone,” she said.

If you missed Sunday’s event, don’t worry! Open Streets Pittsburgh will also take place in June and July.

Click here for more information about future events.

Kayla Courvell

Kayla Courvell

I was born and raised in a small town just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and decided as a child I was going to be a news reporter.