To protect and serve: Ross Township police officers save skunk from pitching net

ROSS TWP, Pa. — Two police officers went above and beyond last month when they helped get a critter out of a tight situation.

Ross Township police officers Farina and Garcia were called out to a home where a skunk had gotten stuck in a pitching net.

The video shows one officer grabbing a gray plastic bin and handing a deflated plastic toy and eyeing the skunk while coming up with the best plan. The officer then places the plastic bin over the skunk before using a pair of scissors to cut away the net it was tangled in as the other officer helps him unwrap the tendrils from under the bin. Once cut free, the officer lifts the plastic bin and both officers run from the skunk.

Both officers appear to have escaped without being sprayed. The skunk, meanwhile, waddles away at first before running to the tree line.