Trafford woman suspected of dealing drugs is behind bars, denied bail

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. — Police served multiple search warrants on a Trafford woman’s house and car.

Elise Conley is now sitting in the Westmoreland County Prison.

Neighbors living along Duquesne Avenue in Trafford are breathing a sigh of relief knowing Conley, a suspected drug dealer, is behind bars.

“I’m thrilled. Get that stuff off our street. I’m sick of heroin addicts all day,” one neighbor said. “Activity all day long. All day long. All night long, early mornings… If they weren’t there, they’d set it up you pick it up on the back porch and they’d get it and leave.”

Elise Conley was arrested and put in jail and denied bond because the judge said she’s a danger to the community.

Police raided her Trafford home and allegedly found hundreds of stamp bags of heroin in the house, crack cocaine, baggies, scales, pipes and packets.

A BMW belonging to Conley was also searched.

Police said they found even more bricks and bundles of heroin and crack cocaine.

Conley initially tried to deny that the drugs were hers and blamed it on a guy who was in the car.

But, then she told police she asked a guy to sell them for her because she owed someone a lot of money.

“We know we have to target them and we know we have to work collaboratively which is why we’re working with state and federal agents, also PSP and local police departments,” District Attorney Nicole Ziccarelli said.

Her office is pushing a renewed effort into combating the drug problem on the streets and had a message for any potential dealers trying to move into Westmoreland County.

“We want to make sure people feel a difference when they come into Westmoreland County, that it is palpable.

“We are a county of law and order, we support our law enforcement, and we want safe communities, so when people come here they need to play by our rules or it’s not going to go very well for them,” Ziccarelli said.

Conley has other drug-related charges stemming from last year.

She is still waiting to handle that in common pleas court.