Westmoreland County

Westmoreland County teacher under investigation, suspected of sending inappropriate texts to student

WESTMORELAND COUNTY — A Ligonier Valley School District teacher is under investigation, suspected of exchanging inappropriate messages with a student.

Ligonier Valley Police Chief John Berger said the police were tipped off about it on Sunday.

“…That there was a school teacher possibly involved in sending out sent some lewd videos. We’re currently investigating it around the clock,” Berger said.

Channel 11 isn’t naming the teacher because he hasn’t been criminally charged.

Police said the tip involves at least one student, potentially more.

“We’ve served multiple search warrants and (acquired) multiple pieces of evidence. We’re being assisted by the attorney general’s office right now,” Berger said.

The teacher hasn’t been back in school all week, but police want parents to know this is an investigation that takes time.

“They take a lot of time. We reached out to the attorney general’s (office) because they have a unit that can download cellphones and electronic devices and things like that, so yeah, it takes a lot of time,” Berger explained.

Channel 11 reached out to the school district about the teacher and his standing in the district.

The superintendent said they’re following district procedures and cooperating with the Ligonier Valley Police Department on the investigation.

Police said they’re waiting on more evidence to determine if and what kinds of charges can be filed.

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