Westmoreland County

Over 20 animals saved from severe neglect in North Huntingdon Township

NORTH HUNTINGDON, Pa. — 23 cats including newborn kittens and a severely neglected dog were rescued from a North Huntingdon Township home by All But Furgotten animal rescue. Four or five of the cats did not survive. The conditions were so deplorable, the home had to be condemned.

The rescue group says the elderly woman living inside had been neglected herself and is now being helped by social services.

“There were feces, urine, piles of junk all over the place,” Madison Wedge with All But Furgotten told Channel 11 News. “Some of them didn’t make it. There were litters of live kittens all over the place.”

“They were basically stepping over disgusting things, trying to root through things to get the animals out,” Alissity Rosner added.

The rescued dog had multiple infections. A shock collar was also embedded into his skin and had to be removed by a veterinarian.

“Its nails were so overgrown they were curled under the paw pad,  and some were falling off and bleeding,” Wedge added.

The rescue group says the elderly woman had not been checked on in a long time, and didn’t have the resources to take care of herself or her animals. They’re urging people to check on neighbors and loved ones and if you see something, say something.

All But Furgotten rescue is the only organization with volunteer humane officers in Westmoreland County. Those officers don’t get a dime of money, but they take all the animal neglect calls in the county. There’s also only so much space they have and vet bills and supplies add up fast, including thousands of dollars from this call alone. Fosters are bottle-feeding the newborn kittens, and other area shelters are helping to house some of the cats. All But Furgotten says they are in need of fosters and more donations.

This investigation is not over yet. It is not clear if charges will be filed.

For more information on fostering, adopting, volunteering, or donating to All But Furgotten, click here.

LINK: https://allbutfurgotten.com/