Allegheny County

Wilkinsburg man charged after police find multiple missing juveniles in his home

WILKINSBURG — A Wilkinsburg man is facing charges after police found multiple missing juveniles in his home on Monday.

Wilkinsburg Officers assisted Pittsburgh Police in searching for a missing/endangered juvenile after he was reportedly being held against his will at a residence on Center Street.

The criminal complaint says officers arrived to find numerous minors in the stairwell of the building, who ran away when they noticed police.

Police were able to locate the endangered juvenile at a nearby store, who said he had been jumped by other minors he did not know while inside the residence. The juvenile told police he was forced to drink unknown fluids, take his clothes off, and had cologne sprayed in his face. He was treated at a nearby hospital after police located him.

The resident of the apartment, 24-year-old Tyron Scott, also known as “Ty Boogie” watched the attack and did not stop it, according to the complaint. Scott’s daughter allegedly participated in the attack.

Two other missing girls were also found in the apartment. During the investigation, officers reported that no furniture was in the apartment except a mattress. Police also discovered roaches and other items that concerned them considering the number of juveniles in the home.

Scott has been charged with four counts of endangering the welfare of children, one count of recklessly endangering another person, and one count of corruption of minors.