Wish granted: Girl battling cancer who helps others gets puppy

PITTSBURGH — When you were a little girl or boy, what did you wish for?  A pony?  Or maybe a puppy?

A girl battling cancer wished for a puppy, and Jamie's Dream Team made that wish come true Thursday.

Navaeh Griffin smiled as she met her new best friend at Pittsburgh International Airport.

"I can't thank the guy who sent it here enough," said Nevaeh's mom, Amber Griffin.
At first Nevaeh wanted to name the puppy Skull Crusher.  After meeting him, she named him Toby.

Nevaeh Griffin isn't just any little girl.  She's been helping other children who are sick like her.  Nevaeh created Play-Doh for Patients and has raised more than 10,000 tubs for children.