• Woman, 96, faces suspects accused of attacking, robbing her


    PITTSBURGH - Channel 11 News was there Wednesday as a 96-year-old woman was wheeled into court to face four men accused of attacking and robbing her last month.

    Authorities say the suspects forced their way into Anna Lynn’s Dubois Street home on Aug. 26.


    Lynn tried to use an alarm fixed to her walker, but one of the four men took it from her.

    Police say the men then pushed her to the ground, stole her belongings and then took off.

    Lynn crawled into her kitchen and called 911. 

    “I think it’s hard for a 96-year-old woman to get pushed and knocked out, then come down to these hearings,” said John Lynn, Lynn’s son.

    The suspects, identified as Denzelle Tyrone Kendrick, 18, of Sheraden, Douglas Meggett, 20, of Sheraden, Malik Eugene Boyd, 19, of Braddock and Gregory Alexander McKeithen, 20, of Castle Shannon, are facing charges of robbery, burglary and criminal conspiracy.

    Megget’s father, Doug Winfrey, spoke to Lynn after the hearing.

    “I told her that I didn’t know how my son got involved in that and I didn’t raise my son to be like that,” Winfrey said.

    A gesture that was appreciated by the Lynn family.

    “It takes a lot of guts for a guy to do that,” Lynn’s son said.

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