Minnesota wildlife rehab center reporting increase in injured turtles

Wildlife center reports uptick in injured turtles

A wildlife rehabilitation center in Minnesota says it's seeing influx of injured turtles in St. Louis Park.

Beth Javinsky calls the stretch of road in front of her home "turtle death row."

"In one week I found 8 dead turtles," she says.

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However, there was a different outcome for two turtles she found recently.

"Got out and they were both still alive," Beth says. "And then I bring them in if there's any question."

She brought them to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota.

"Shell fractures are the most common followed by jaw fractures," says Medical Director Renee Schott.

She says they're seeing a high number of turtles.

"143 turtles so far this year. 68 of them in June," Schott says.

A majority were hit by cars. "95 percent of turtles we get are hit by car," Schott says.

There is no word on what's causing the uptick.

The Department of Natural Resources also has some safety tips for helping turtles.

According to its website, you should never put yourself or others in danger, avoid excessive handling and allow unassisted road crossings.