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Missing Illinois teenager found in Beaver County at home of woman he met online, police say

PITTSBURGH — A 15-year-old from Illinois was found at the home of a local woman, who traveled to his home outside of Chicago and brought him back to Pennsylvania, according to police.

Lilandra Redman allegedly met the 15-year-old at his home on Aug. 3 and flew back to the Pittsburgh area the same day.

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According to investigators, the victim met Redman online, and Redman had been in contact with the child for a few years.

Detectives tell Channel 11 that Redman would talk to the boy through a disposable phone, which was given to him by another student. When Redman arrived at his home, the boy reset his phone and left his parents a note saying he went to New York City with a woman named “Jessica.”

The child was found that night at Redman’s home in Beaver County.

Redman was not at home when police arrived. For more than a month, police have been tracking her. She was arrested Wednesday night in McKeesport and is in the Allegheny County Jail, waiting to be sent back to Illinois to face charges.