LSU star Angel Reese's mother would like men to stop DMing her for a date with her daughter

With the upsets alone, March Madness can be a confusing time for fans. For LSU star Angel Reese's mom, the NCAA tournament chaos has led to some misdirected messages since she and her daughter share a name.

"FYI...I am Angel Reese the mom not the LSUwbb player," Reese's mother wrote on Twitter. "Please be mindful when you tag and/or send me DM's that your intent is to me not my daughter. I'm getting some crazy dating request from men my kids age who clearly by the content of the (messages) think they're sending it to Lil A," Reese's mother wrote Monday on Twitter.

Reese, the LSU basketball player, also goes by the "Bayou Barbie." Inclusion of the nickname in suitor's messages has been another funny indicator for Reese's mother that the messages are not intended for her.

According to an NIL marketing and sponsorships report from Sponsor United, Reese is raking cash in with the most brand endorsements among both male/female college basketball players. Her nickname has become so popular that Reese's mother and her NIL representative Jeanine Ogbonnaya said last month they were beginning the "Bayou Barbie" trademark process.

This year the NCAA women's tournament has seen a huge viewership boost according to ESPN. With the timing of her PSA, Reese's mother has hopefully prevented any other young men from mistakenly messaging her before the Tigers' Final Four matchup tips off Friday.

Angel Reese's mother was her inspiration to play basketball

Reese recorded 13 points, 18 rebounds and 4 assists in LSU's Elite 8 win over Miami Sunday, notching her 32nd double-double and claiming the SEC record. The excited season comes after she transferred from Maryland.

Reese told Just Women Sports' Lynsey D'Arcangelo that she tried plenty of sports growing up, but was inspired to stick with basketball by her mother. She now wears the number 10 on the court because her mom once did.

"I used to go to my mom's games when I was younger. She used to play in a little league, and I used to always go watch her games on Sundays. That was something that was always inspiring to me," Reese said. "She's always been independent and she molded that into me. I am who I am because of her."

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