• Mike Huckabee says Taylor Swift fans are 13-year-old girls, Swifties descend

    By: Kyle Nazario, Atlanta Journal-Constitution


    Former governor and Fox News personality Mike Huckabee tweeted his disapproval of Taylor Swift’s endorsement of democratic former Gov. Phil Bredesen for Senate in Tennessee, saying it wouldn’t impact the election “unless we allow 13-year-old girls to vote.”

    “So @taylorswift13 has every right to be political but it won’t impact election unless we allow 13 yr old girls to vote. Still with #MarshaBlackburn,” he tweeted.

    This did not go over well with the large and extremely engaged Swift fanbase on Twitter. 

    A lot of people pointed out that 13-year-old girls are just five years from voting.

    And, of course, the jokes came out.

    Huckabee got a few laughs, though they were vastly outnumbered by angry Swifties.



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