Neighbors on edge after home repeatedly shot at, 10-year-old nearly hit by bullet

MCKEESPORT, Pa. — Residents of a McKeesport neighborhood told Channel 11 News Tuesday that they’re on edge after multiple recent shootings in which one home in particular has been targeted.

“It’s just too much. They’re going to kill somebody,” resident Bill Pack said.

Channel 11 News found bullet holes in homes up and down Craig Street in McKeesport. Three were counted in one home, one in another, three more at a third home and two bullets that hit a parked car on the street.

“Last night, the bullet landed above my 10-year-old's head when he was sleeping,” resident Rebecca Bajuscak said.

McKeesport police said they're aware of the problem and told Channel 11 News that the violence stems from one particular home.

"We're working on trying to find out why people in one particular home are being targeted so many times,” McKeesport Assistant Police Chief Adam Alfer said.

Two women who answered the door of the targeted home declined to answer any questions.

After Channel 11 took residents’ concerns to police, Alfer said his department is going to take immediate action.

"We're going to step up our patrols, which we've done in the past, and we also have video surveillance being set up in the area,” he said.

Neighbors said they hope the new surveillance will make a difference.

Police said they’re also researching if the homeowner can be held liable for not holding her tenants accountable and for the activity happening at the targeted home.

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