Newborn allegedly killed to prevent family shame

BAKERFIELD, Calif. — Three people are facing charges in the death of a newborn in California. The infant boy had just been born when police say his grandmother killed him then enlisted the help of her husband and nephew to dispose of the body.

The grandmother was in court Thursday on charges including murder. The grandmother, Beant Dhillon, 43, allegedly confessed to police to drowning her hours-old grandson last November.

Court documents say Dhillon found her then 15-year-old daughter in the bathroom giving birth, and shortly afterward drowned the newborn, telling the police she did it "to prevent family shame."


Documents say Dhillon gave her grandson's body to her husband, Jagsir Singh, 47, who placed the remains in a plastic bag. Singh then gave the baby to Dhillon's nephew, Bakshinderpal Singh Mann, 23, who buried the baby in the backyard, adding salt to the infant's grave.

Police say the teen victim notified school officials on Tuesday, and they in turn notified police.

Dhillon's attorney, Lexi Blyth, entered a plea of not guilty on her behalf. The judge instructed Dhillon to have no contact with her teenage daughter, who remains in protective custody along with another sibling.

Singh was also arrested in the case this week, but he bailed out of jail. Police are still looking for Mann.