Newborn baby left in trash can at BP gas station

NORTH BELLE VERNON, Pa. — A newborn baby was found in the trash at a gas station in Westmoreland County.

Investigators tell Channel 11’s Melanie Gillespie the baby was discovered in the women's bathroom at the BP in North Belle Vernon on Saturday.

The baby was near full term and is expected to be OK.

Gillespie reported that the mother, who is in her 20s, was traveling on the interstate with her family. She told them she felt sick, so they pulled into the gas station.

The woman claimed to have had a miscarriage until paramedics found the baby alive in the trash can.

The district attorney will decide whether the mother will face criminal charges.

Under the Newborn Protection Act,  all Pennsylvania hospitals and police stations are "safe havens" where any parent can leave a newborn up to 28 days old, no questions asked, as long as the baby is not harmed.

The parent doesn't need to provide his or her name or any other information. If the parent changes his or her mind, he or she can return to the hospital for the newborn.