• Pittsburgh band Punchline takes No. 1 spot on iTunes, appears on 'Mobbed'

    By: Carly Noel


    PITTSBURGH,None - Pittsburgh area band Punchline took the No. 1 rock album spot on iTunes on Wednesday, Jan. 4.

    “I went to bed thinking the momentum would subside and woke up to see we were No 1. We’d love to get to No. 1 overall. That would be a dream,” said Steve Soboslai.

    Punchline, from Belle Vernon, released its new EP “So Nice To Meet You” earlier this week.

    “Support from our fans has been amazing. It’s a large enough base that has kept us going for the last decade,” said Steve.

    The band, made up of Steve (guitar/lead vocals), Chris Fafalios (bass), Paul Menotiades (guitar/vocals) and Cory Muro (drums), has been together for 14 years.

    “The ultimate would be able to fund all of the projects we want to do. What drives us is the creative force,” said Steve.

    The band has played about 2,000 shows over the past decade, nationally and internationally.

    Five years ago, while performing in California, Steve met a woman who put him in touch with her friend, Dana, from Long Beach. Steve and Dana never met in person but talked on the phone for years. Dana was Steve’s muse when writing music.

    On Wednesday night, Fox viewers will watch Steve meet Dana face to face on “Mobbed,” starring Howie Mandel.

    Click here to learn more about "Mobbed."

    “After so long, the pressure of having to meet this girl was overwhelming. I sent a message to the people at ‘Mobbed.’ My mom told me about the television show,” said Steve.

    “Mobbed” obviously liked Steve and Dana’s story.

    “I got to meet her in the biggest way possible,” said Steve.Steve went into “Mobbed,” hoping Dana would be “the one.”

    “Minutes before the production started, someone asked me, ‘What’s your backup plan?’ I looked at them, and I said, ‘What do you mean backup plan?’ I went into the whole thing super confident,” said Steve.

    His band members, who Steve says he’s incredibly close with, were on set for support.Of course, Steve couldn’t reveal the outcome, so we’ll all have to watch the show.

    We hope it works out, Steve!And, best of luck to the band!

    Thursday, Jan. 5 Update After "Mobbed" Aired:

    For those who watched "Mobbed" know that Dana said yes to dating after a huge flash mob featuring dancing, singing and a movie reference.

    I checked in with Steve on Thursday to get a relationship update.

    "We are still dating!" he said.

    I asked him what he thought about the show, watching it back on television.

    "I was on the edge of my seat just like everyone else in the room, but I love the way that it came out. I hope everyone got to see it because I assure you it will the last time you ever see Punchline dancing on national television," said Steve.

    He encourages Punchline fans to listen to the song "Universe" about his relationship with Dana.

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