Pittsburgh hip-hop artist overcomes anxiety, crafts positive message

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh rapper Kai Roberts is just a few short months away from graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, but it wasn’t the smoothest ride to the finish line.


His latest project, “Carnegie Café” has been out since 2013, but the local emcee has lately received attention because of the message in his music.

During his sophomore year in college, Roberts began having anxiety attacks. Ultimately, the attacks forced him to take some time off of school.

During that time, Roberts began writing and producing music to channel his anxieties. As a result, his album, “Carnegie Café” was produced.

“I’m relieved that this is getting out there,” said Roberts. “If I can help someone deal with the same problems that I had, then the album’s done its job.”

Outside of attending therapy, Roberts has used his music to channel that anxiety. The content is often reflective of how he deals with things like his disorder and being a college student. Other times, Roberts raps about whatever comes to mind.

“I really address what I’m going through at that moment,” said Roberts. “It’s relevant to my life.”

Roberts continues to work on music and plans to craft an EP in the coming months. For more information about Roberts and his music, visit

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