Pittsburgh Public Schools board members approve new transgender policy

PITTSBURGH — Members of the Pittsburgh Public Schools board approved a new policy for transgender and gender expansive students Wednesday night during a meeting.

The policy, which allows students to choose which bathrooms and locker rooms to use based on their gender identity in order to protect the confidentiality rights of transgender students, had already been in place at Brashear High School, one of the district’s four high schools, for the past two years.

The policy also allows accommodations to be made for any student who feels uncomfortable using the same bathroom with a transgender student.

A release from the district’s spokesperson following the meeting read, in part:

“While students' protections under Title IX, local laws and other District policies protect gender identity and expression, the new policy is an additional effort to ensure that the District is clearly communicating the rights of students as they relate to gender. Beyond restroom usage, the policy addresses bullying and harassment, privacy and confidentiality, names and pronouns, medical treatment, dress code, transitions and more.”
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