Voting in Pennsylvania: What you need to know before Election Day 2020

PITTSBURGH — As Election Day draws closer, you might be wondering what you need to do to vote in Pennsylvania -- whether in person or by mail-in ballot.

When’s the deadline to register to vote?

Oct. 19 was the last day to register to vote in Pennsylvania before the Nov. 3 election. If you haven’t registered yet, the deadline has already passed.

When is the deadline to request a mail-in ballot?

The deadline to request a mail-in ballot is Oct. 27. It must be received by Election Day, so make sure you give yourself enough time to mail it in.

CLICK HERE for more information on voting by mail-in or absentee ballot.

Can I track my ballot after voting by mail?

Yes. You can track your mail-in ballot HERE.

Which candidates will I see on the ballot?

Your ballot is determined by where you live and which candidates are running for races that include your community. Each Pennsylvania county posts sample ballots that show what your ballot will look like.

You can check out the available sample ballots HERE.

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