Prank video fools iPhone owners into drilling holes in their new phones

The iPhone 7 launch brought a flurry of stories about Apple's controversial decision to eliminate the headphone jack.  Shortly afterward, videos appeared online teaching owners how to create their own headphone jack.

There's just one problem.  The video is a joke.

Unfortunately, many desperate iPhone owners fell for it and drilled holes in the bottom of their new phones -- and it isn't going well.  The hoax tutorial video has more than 14.5 million views and starts with the phone being pressed in a metal clamp.  As if that didn't raise suspicions as the the video's authenticity, the man then somewhat haphazardly drills a hole into phone.

While the phone does technically have a hole that would fit a headphone plug, it is really just a hole.  The comments section on the video is full of users complaining about damaged and broken phones and replies about how gullible they are.  Others are doubling down on the prank and bragging about how the "trick" worked for them.

One thing is for certain: those with destroyed phones are going to be even more disappointed to learn that drilling a hole into your new phone voids the warranty.