• Report: Costco has lowest generic prescription drug prices

    By: Robin Taylor


    PITTSBURGH - Consumer Reports did a price comparison and found that Costco has the lowest prescription drug prices.

    Secret shoppers called more than 200 pharmacies throughout the United States, shopping for five popular generic drugs. 

    Costco was the least expensive overall, and you don’t need to be a member to use the pharmacy. 

    A few independent pharmacies also did well.

    CVS, Rite Aid and Target had the highest retail prices.

    For example, a one month supply of generic Lipitor, used to lower cholesterol, cost $17 at Costco.  At Walmart, it was $68, and at CVS, it was $150.

    Generic Singulair, an asthma medication, cost $27 at Costco, $47 at Sam’s Club and $165 at CVS. 

    “I know there’s one prescription that I fill for my parents that’s an expensive prescription, and there’s almost between $40 and $47 difference,” said Costco customer Donna McDonough.

    "When we give price quotes or people are transferring their prescriptions from another place, a lot of times they don't believe us when we give them a quote.  They have us double and triple check it because they're surprised at how much less it is,” said Costco pharmacist Debbie White.

    Kmart, Walmart and Walgreens were in the middle of the pack on pricing.

    Several chains have discount generic drug programs for $4 a month or $10 for 90 day supply, and that is another way to save.

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