Smart motorcycle helmet projects information onto the visor

Smart motorcycle helmet has built-in navigation

MOSCOW, RUSSIA — A Russian-made smart helmet for motorcyclists promises riders navigation information on a visor without distraction from the road.

Creators of the smart helmet say the perils of navigating while on a motorbike are obvious.

Drivers can't read maps while looking at a GPS device - that means taking their eyes off the road.

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Russian engineers at "Livemap" say they have invented a workable and safer solution - a GPS helmet which displays simple navigation tips on the visor.

The Android-based lightweight helmet contains GPS and voice control.

Its display system allows riders to access navigational information without looking away from the road.

The GPS system displays navigational information as full-color translucent images onto the visor of the helmet.

The final version of the helmets will cost about two-thousand dollars, but its originator says it is packed with technology.