• Thousands march through Squirrel Hill in support of synagogue shooting victims


    PITTSBURGH - Thousands of people from all over the Pittsburgh area marched the streets of Squirrel Hill this evening.

    They mourned 11 of their own community members who were killed in the mass shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue on Saturday.

    Now, Jewish leaders in Pittsburgh, and their allies, are calling for love and acceptance.


    "I love the diversity in the crowd. That’s our city," said Beth Conley, one of the demonstrators.

    One by one, demonstrators walked up to Zone 4 officers, hugging them and thanking them.

    "It’s beautiful, applauding the emergency responders, coming together for peace and solidarity," said Wasi Mohamed, executive director of the Islamic Center of Pittsburgh.

    But in another tone, made clear by their signs, the demonstrators expressed their frustration with President Donald Trump and his visit to Pittsburgh.

    "A lot of people have the right to be angry," Mohamed said. "When someone (who) is uninvited shows up in our city, they should be yelling and protesting but they’re sticking to the message of love and solidarity."

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    That message came with demands for political change.

    "I think the light is stronger than the darkness and we will win that battle," said Christine Frechard, a demonstrator. "We just need someone in the White House to listen to our request. Guns kill."

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    But above all, the focus was on the 11 lives lost and coming together as a city.

    "It was incredibly moving. Everybody just turned around and knelt for a while. I love Pittsburgh," said Pam Pack, a demonstrator.

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