• Target 11 Tests $7 Homemade Stink Bug Trap

    PITTSBURGH,None - Last week, Target 11 consumer investigator Robin Taylor tested out several stink bug traps that could be ordered online for around $50.

    Shortly after her report aired, she received a call from a Shaler Township resident who claimed he has come up with a homemade stink bug trap for a fraction of the cost.

    Taylor decided to check Julian Smith's contraption out for herself and found out that it's highly effective.

    Julian said most people should be able to make the trap at home using an empty soda bottle, an LED light, electrical tape, masking tape and a razor blade.

    Smith said he had a major problem with the bugs and came up with the idea when he noticed that they were attracted to light.

    "It works really well and you know what, they can't get out once they get in," Smith said.

    Smith said the first time he used his own trap, he left it in his attic overnight. Ten hours later, Smith said there were about 200 stink bugs inside.

    Making the trap is easy, Smith said. For complete directions, LINK: CLICK HERE.

    Smith said the trap works best between sundown and midnight in a dark room or attic. He said he is working with a local manufacturer to get a version of his stink bug trap on the market.

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