• Teen livestreams putting small dog in clothes dryer


    LEWISVILLE, Texas - A disturbing video shows a Texas teenager putting a small dog into a clothes dryer and then turning it on and laughing. The girl livestreamed her actions on social media.

    Appearing to be encouraged by her followers on Instagram Live, a young girl calls her dog over, picks him up and puts him in a clothes dryer. Then with a scream, she turns the appliance on, clapping and howling with laughter until opening the door to let the dog out a few seconds later.


    Maura Davies, with the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texas, said the video was brought to the organization's attention over the weekend. "That poor dog is all I could think. I don't want to see the video again. It's so awful," Davies said.

    Within hours of someone sharing the video on Twitter, it started to spread, with calls from viewers to find the girl who committed what they saw as a case of animal cruelty.

    "I know that this case is being pursued by the Dallas Police Department. My hope, I think all our hopes, is that this individual is found and held accountable for their actions," Davies told KTVT.

    Texas animal cruelty laws prohibit torture, defining it as anything that causes unjustifiable pain and suffering. It's a felony, punishable by time in prison and a fine.

    Criticism has also been directed at some of the teen's followers who, during the live video, responded to what she was doing by laughing.

    The post has been removed from Instagram. 


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