• 1 of 5 doctors charged in pill mill scheme faces judge


    One of five doctors who were charged in a pill mill scheme faced a judge today.

    Madhu Aggarwal, a gynecologist, is one of the doctors indicted on suspicion of illegally dispensing suboxone.

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    Suboxone is a drug to help stop cravings for someone recovering from an opioid addiction. 

    In January, federal agents removed boxes of documents from Ridirections Treatment Advocates in Bridgeville and Washington.

    Channel 11 did some digging and found that none of the five doctors indicted specialize in drug rehab.

    "I dont know of any cases out there where people are peddling suboxone. That is to treat and that's all she ever wanted to do was help," said Aggarwal's attorney Phil DiLucente. 

    Channel 11 will continue to follow the indictments. 




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