• 2 women accused of stealing $73,000 from GetGo where they worked


    INGRAM, Pa. - Two women are accused of stealing more than $70,000 from the GetGo where they worked.

    According to police, this was an inside job that went on for a year and a half.

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    This wasn't a shoplifting case, but one that police said took a lot of time and effort.

    Ingram police charged the two cashiers with conspiring to steal thousands of dollars from their employer while on the job, pretending to ring up sales when they were actually pocketing the money.


    Jennifer Ion, of Sharpsburg, and Wendy Roedler, of Crafton, are accused of stealing more than $73,000 in cash and cigarettes while working behind the counter at the GetGo in Crafton.

    Ingram police said the pair didn't work the same shift, but committed the same crime. They would "act like they were scanning cigarettes, but wouldn't."

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    Sometimes, police said, they would, "give customers the cigarettes and keep the money."

    Other times, according to the criminal complaint, they would, "scan the cigarettes, void the transaction and keep the money."

    Roedler told police she was taught how to do these things by her coworker.

    Police told Channel 11 they have all the evidence they need, including inventory sheets, video and even a cheat sheet that was hanging up in the store.



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