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4 charged with helping McKeesport police shooting suspect

MCKEESPORT, Pa. — Four people face criminal charges after they were accused of helping the man wanted for shooting a McKeesport police officer.

Daniel Neal, Gesiah Grigsby, Justine Kenyatta and Jasmyn Henderson-Bracey each face hindering apprehension or prosecution charges after investigators said they were all seen on security camera footage helping suspect Koby Francis.

In court documents, officers noted Francis could be seen with handcuffs still on his wrists as the group of people were around him.

Investigators searched a home on Freemont Street in McKeesport after they learned Francis may have been there. Grigsby and Henderson-Bracey were found at the home. The next day, officers searched another address connected to Francis in Crawford Village and again found Henderson-Bracey there. She told detectives she talked with Francis occasionally on Facebook, but had stopped after learning of the shooting.

Detectives pored through surveillance video from a nearby store, Crawford Market, finding:

  • Francis, Grigsby and Henderson-Bracey walking in together and standing near the clerks counter
  • Francis removing his hood, exposing the handcuffs still latched around his wrists
  • Neal entering the store and speaking to Francis and Henderson-Bracey
  • Neal pulling Francis’ hood up as the group leaves
  • Francis getting in the rear passenger seat of Neal’s car while Neal gets behind the wheel

Later, Neal told detectives Francis asked him for a ride to North Versailles but after a time, Neal said he didn’t feel comfortable driving him and let him out of the vehicle.

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Documents said on Sunday, a Jefferson Hills police officer came upon a vehicle with a flat tire on Payne Hill Road and stopped to help. The vehicle matched the description of the vehicle Neal was driving. Kenyatta was behind the wheel and a man who did not identify himself was in the front passenger seat. Documents don’t say why the officer did not detain the pair.

After investigators reviewed the dash camera footage, the man’s clothing and physical characteristics matched those of Francis.

Francis has not yet been caught. $15,000 in reward money is being offered for information leading to his arrest.

Take Action Mon Valley has issued calls for Francis to be taken alive and “afforded the same grace that various white suspects are.” Additionally, the social justice group demands “police stop violating the Fourth Amendment rights of McKeesport residents and that they are safe from illegal searches, harm, and emotional trauma, etc.” The Fourth Amendment is part of the Bill of Rights and prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures.