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Accused serial shoplifter leads police on chase, crashes into Ross Township home

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — What started as a report of stolen eyeglass frames ended with a car crash that injured a police officer in Ross Township.

Police said the incident happened around 1 p.m. Wednesday. After being called to the Block Northway for a report that a woman stole eyeglass frames from America’s Best, officers tried to make a traffic stop of the suspected shoplifter on McKnight Road.

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According to a release, Sabrina Eisenberg briefly stopped and then drove off south onto Browns Lane. When the officer caught up to where the suspect had driven to, they found she lost control of the car -- which went into the front yard of a home and hit a tree.

Police said the officer then approached the running car and tried to turn it off by reaching inside. When the officer did that, investigators said Eisenberg, 47, suddenly put the car in reverse and backed up into another yard, hitting a nearby home.

The police officer was thrown from the vehicle and taken tot the hospital for an ankle injury.

Authorities later discovered Eisenberg had several outstanding warrants from other police departments related to shoplifting.

In October 2019, Eisenberg’s crime spree came to end after she was caught in the act by police.

In addition to those warrants, investigators said she will face charges related to the theft, police chase and injuries she caused.