• Lawyer for restaurant owner accused of sexual assault wants some evidence thrown out


    PITTSBURGH - With his trial just 10 days away, the defense attorney for Adnan Pehlivan is trying to get the judge to suppress video evidence that is incredibly damaging to his client.

    Pehlivan is still in jail waiting for his trial on sexual assault charges. Police say the local restauranteur followed a young woman home from a bar on the South Side, broke into her apartment and sexually assaulted her.

    The alleged incident on May 14th is one of the county’s most high profile case because of Pehlivan’s status on the community and because of videos prosecutors have obtained.

    Police say they found a video on Pehlivan’s phone that shows a man sneaking into a woman’s bedroom and performing a sex act on her while she is asleep. This situation is the exact thing Pehlivan is accused of.

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    His defense attorney says the search warrant used to get that video was too broad and lacked probably cause so that video should not be allowed into evidence.

    The judge has not ruled on that motion.

    There is another video that is part of the prosecutors case. A surveillance video from the night of the attack that shows Pehlivan following the alleged victim and her friends as they go home. Prosecutors say the video shows Pehlivan stalking the victim in a predatory like manner.




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