Allegheny County Health Dept. reporting increase in COVID-19 cases as Delta variant spreads

PITTSBURGH — With an increase in COVID-19 cases over the last two days, Allegheny County Health Department officials said this is a “stark reminder that this virus is not done with us.”

According to director Dr. Debra Bogen, the rising numbers “are concerning, but not surprising.”

“The Delta variant in combination with many unvaccinated people has resulted in this new wave of cases,” Bogen said in a news release. “The Delta variant is significantly more contagious than other forms of the virus and is more likely to cause severe disease. In other parts of the country, the Delta variant has resulted in an increase in hospitalizations; it is too soon to know if that will happen here. However, we can prevent it if more of our friends and loved ones get vaccinated.”

Bogen said new cases have been traced to a private charter plane flight, a crowded boat cruise, a public game of bingo, sporting events, Fourth of July parties and a music recording session.

She said that case investigators have only been able to reach half of new cases recently.