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Allegheny County Public Works gearing up to treat roads during snowstorm

PITTSBURGH — Allegheny County Public Works is getting ready for the snowstorm that’s expected to impact the Pittsburgh region Sunday afternoon into Monday.

Once the snow begins to fall, 30 salt trucks will be deployed to provide continuous coverage of county-maintained roads until the snow stops and roadways are clear, public works officials said Friday.

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“In preparation for the storm, all of our salt trucks have been thoroughly inspected, loaded with salt, and plows have been installed. We also have more than enough salt in stock to handle the accumulation we are expected to receive,” a news release said.

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If needed, officials said drivers will be kept past the scheduled ends of their shifts and more drivers could be brought in. Additional trucks might also be deployed.

“Please note that it takes our salt truck drivers about one to two hours to complete their routes. It then takes them about one hour to return to the nearest maintenance garage, reload with salt, and restart their routes. So, if snow is falling quickly, there will be accumulation on our roads,” the release stated.

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People are being advised to avoid driving during the snowstorm, if possible. If that can’t be done, drivers are urged to slow down, avoid making sudden moves or fast turns, avoid quick acceleration or hard braking, leave extra space between their vehicle and the one in front of them, and give salt truck drivers plenty of room to operate.

You can find out which entity is responsible for plowing specific roadways within the county by visiting Who Plows My Road (CLICK HERE). It provides phone numbers to call if there is a snow removal issue.