UPDATES: People across region digging out after heavy snow with bitter cold on the horizon

PITTSBURGH — Heavy snow has blanketed western Pennsylvania and many areas will be digging out for a little while. Some areas saw nearly a foot of snow piling up.

UPDATE 1:16 PM: Residents in Brookline and other neighborhoods are frustrated by the city’s snow response, especially when it comes to side streets. Read more here:

UPDATE 12:07 PM: Acting Public Works Director Chris Hornstein released the following statement about the city’s response to Winter Storm Izzy:

“Throughout this major winter weather event, we mobilized every City resource to salt and plow streets. No one was hurt, thanks to people staying home, and many residents let us know their appreciation and gratitude for the improved service. But we’re not done. Despite challenges with equipment, our goal is to have all the streets plowed by tonight,” said Hornstein. " It has been 18 hours since the end of the snowfall and we are proud that the majority of streets have been opened.  We are working throughout the day and overnight to finish the remaining side streets. From the beginning of the storm, we have at any given time activated 80 pieces of equipment, driven over 1,600 Hours, spread 2,200 tons of salt, salted 3,120 miles of streets, and plowed almost 4,000 miles of streets. We are proud of everyone in the Pittsburgh Department of Public Works, their incredible effort, and we will continue to get better.”

UPDATE 10:10 AM: We have snow totals! Here’s how much Severe Weather Team 11 predicted originally and how much we actually got according to the National Weather Service Pittsburgh.

UPDATE 8:43 AM: Residents in Brookline are left with no choice but to park at Moore Park if they want to get to work. They say their roads haven’t been touched.

UPDATE 10:45 PM: Equipment from one man’s own company was brought out after he got frustrated the roads in his Pittsburgh neighborhood weren’t cleared.

“It’s probably something the tax dollars should go towards. It’s a little annoying,” said Kevin Lager. “I’ll send Ed [Gainey] an invoice for all my time out here and fuel.”

Lager used his Bobcat to scrape and push the snow around areas of Lawrenceville.

The concern now turns to blowing snow, refreezing slush and black ice as temps drop.

UPDATE 10:30 PM: Viewers in Brookline, Mt. Washington and Sheraden emailed Channel 11 and said their roads are still covered. This despite assurances from the Gainey administration.

“It makes me really mad. I mean taxes aren’t cheap,” one homeowner said.

“I think it’s a citywide problem,” said Mike Petruzzi. “Honestly they’re pretty short staffed.”

A spokesperson for Gainey’s office sent Channel 11 a statement about the snow removal issue:

“Mayor Gainey is committed to continuous improvement in our snow response operations. While snow is falling, our focus is on keeping public safety and essential workers moving. Once the accumulation stops, we switch to digging out. Most streets in the city have been treated once at this point, and those that haven’t will be treated soon. Our goal is a smooth Tuesday commute, and effective emergency service for the rest of the week. We will learn from this storm, as we did from last eek’s, and will continue to get better.”

UPDATE 10:15 PM: Although Lower Burrell has some of the highest snow totals in the area, borough officials said the area also had some of the most success in terms of snow removal.

“During the height of the storm, the guys just mainly kept the roads open by plowing and as the snow lightened up, they started spreading the salt,” said public works director Todd Giammatteo.

Six trucks worked through the night and laid down nearly 300 tons of salt.

UPDATE 5:30 PM: Neighbors in Washington County were busy clearing driveways and sidewalks, and helping the elderly.

PennDOT officials thanked drivers in Fayette, Greene, Washington and Westmoreland counties for slowing down, giving plow drivers space and staying off the roads as much as possible.

UPDATE 5:10 PM: Sitting up high above the snow, John Hock has a job to get done.

“Everybody just thinks you sit in a truck and drive,” Hock said.

But in heavy snowfalls operating a plow truck for Adams Township is no easy task.

“Last night we had very little visibility I mean a couple times it was almost a complete whiteout,” Hock said.

His team spent hours plowing and laying salt well into the night before the same crew hit the roads again Monday morning. When it comes to smaller municipalities, there are different challenges.

UPDATE 4:45 PM: Are you still working to clear all the snow and ice off your driveway and sidewalk? Here are some tips so you don’t break your back:

  • Don’t shovel after eating
  • Don’t smoke and shovel
  • Push the snow instead of lifting it
  • Lift with your legs, not your back

UPDATE 4 PM: Pittsburgh officials said the city’s snow response is working.

They told Channel 11 there are some trouble spots but there were very few people on the roads overnight and few emergency calls.

UPDATE 3:53 PM: PennDOT has lifted the speed limit and right-lane-only commercial vehicle restrictions that were in place on several roadways in the Pittsburgh region.

Due to the winter storm impacting the region, speed limits were reduced yesterday to 45 mph on all interstates and several other routes in the region, including:

Allegheny County

  • Interstates 79, 376 (Parkways East and West), 279 (Parkway North), and 579
  • State Routes 22 and 28

Beaver County

  • Interstate 376 (Beaver Valley Expressway)

Lawrence County

  • Interstates 79 and 376

All speeds are restored to their usual posted limits.

PennDOT is continuing to treat roadways in the area and will continue until roads are clear.

UPDATE 3:44 PM: PennDOT has lifted the speed and commercial vehicle restrictions on I-80 and PA 28.

PennDOT crews are continuing to treat roadways with the primary goal to keep roads passable, not completely free of snow and ice.

UPDATE 3:02 PM: PennDOT has lifted the Tier Restrictions on I-80 and on I-79. There are currently no Tier Restrictions in Armstrong, Clarion, Butler, Indiana or Jefferson Counties.

Speed limits remain restricted to 45 mph on these roadways for all vehicles while the vehicle restrictions are in place, and commercial vehicles must move to the right lane.

UPDATE 2:48 PM: Crews from smaller townships are tackling taking care of the roads too. Here’s a look into Adams Township.

UPDATE 2:15 PM: Some roads get treated better than others. Here’s the view on Route 8 in Butler County.

UPDATE 1:39 PM: PennDOT released the following update to vehicle restrictions in the area:

Tier 3 of the commonwealth’s weather event vehicle restriction plan:

· 1-79: 1-80 to End of I-79 to Erie

Tier 2: the commonwealth’s weather event vehicle restriction plan:

· I-79: PA Turnpike to I-80

· I-80: Ohio State Line to I-99

Speed limits are restricted to 45 mph on these roadways for all vehicles while the vehicle restrictions are in place, and commercial vehicles not affected by the restrictions must move to the right lane.

The purpose of the restriction is to help ensure the interstates remain open during the most challenging conditions of the winter storm. When conditions improve, PennDOT will remove the travel restrictions.

UPDATE 1:05 PM: Sure, there was a ton of snow today, but let’s talk about that brutal wind. Here’s a look at the latest wind speeds.

UPDATE 12:35 PM: Channel 11′s crew in Butler County got a look at PennDOT’s snow crews filing out to work on the roads.

UPDATE 12:02 PM: Below are the remaining vehicle restriction roads in the area according to PennDOT:

Tier 3: All Commercial Vehicles w/o Chains or ATD Onboard

I-86: I-90 to NY LineI-70: I-79 to NEW STANTON - HUNKER {#57}I-90: OH Line to NY LineI-79: I-80 to End of I-79I-76 PA Turnpike: New Stanton

Tier 2: Empties & Loaded Tandem Trailers w/o Chains or ATD Onboard

I-80: OH Line to I-99I-79: PA Turnpike to I-80 - NB ONLYI-79: I-80 - SB ONLY

UPDATE 11:36 AM: PennDOT has removed vehicle restrictions from several roadways, including:

Allegheny County

· Interstates 79, 376 (Parkways East and West), 279 (Parkway North), and 579

Beaver County

· Interstate 376 (Beaver Valley Expressway)

Lawrence County

· Interstates 79 and 376

UPDATE 10:55 AM: PennDOT reported a crash on I-79 southbound between mile marker 65 and exit 65.

UPDATE 10:25 AM: We asked, and oh boy did you deliver! Check out the photos you sent us this morning! >>

UPDATE 9:55 AM: Allegheny County Public Works released the following statement about their Winter Storm Izzy reaction:

The Department of Public Works has had a least 30 salt trucks out plowing and treating roads since 3 p.m. yesterday. We currently have 33 trucks deployed, and they will continue until the snow stops and county-maintained roadways are clear. At that point, we will focus our efforts on salting to prevent runoff from refreezing and treating problem areas.

This morning, county-maintained roads are passable but not clear of snow due to the additional accumulation and windy conditions. We encourage drivers to stay home, if possible, until the snow stops. Our roads will be slick in spots, and blowing snow might limit visibility. If you must venture out, please slow down, avoid sudden moves, and leave extra space between your vehicle and the one in front of you. Also, give our salt truck drivers plenty of room to operate.

If you are experiencing a significant road issue due to snow or ice, please call 9-1-1. If the issue is on a county-maintained road, you also can submit a service request online at

Not sure if your road is maintained by the county? Visit our Who Plows My Road map at Click or tap on any road or bridge within the county to see which entity is responsible plowing and salting it and the phone number to call if there is an issue.

UPDATE 9:10 AM: PennDOT released the following information regarding traffic on 1-76 PA Turnpike eastbound:

UPDATE 8:25 AM: We have an update on the ambulance crash on the Parkway North that happened earlier this morning. Ross/West View EMS said the ambulance slid while transitioning lanes through a snow pile to get off the exit. A second vehicle then struck them. You can read more here:

UPDATE 8:03 AM: PennDOT just announced that the travel restriction on I-376 West has been reduced from a Tier 4 to a Tier 2. This restriction affects I-376 (Parkway West) from the I-279 (Parkway North) exit (Exit 70C) to the Airport exit (Exit 53).

UPDATE 7:40 AM: More photos are piling in from viewers all over the region of their view of the snow. Be sure to send us yours and check out the ones we’re already received. >>

UPDATE 7:20 AM: Our crew in Mars is reporting that Route 228 is still partially covered and traffic is moving at about 30 miles per hour.

UPDATE 7:04 AM: Traffic is starting to pick up as people head out for the day. Some busy roads have paths made by other cars which means the road is more visible. Even so, continue to use caution in your commute.

UPDATE 6:47 AM: The National Weather Service Pittsburgh released some unofficial snowfall measurements from around the region.

UPDATE 6:37 AM: More of Channel 11′s reporters are filing in and will continue to provide updates on the snow and road conditions. Meanwhile, here’s a view from our station parking lot.

UPDATE 6:16 AM: More than three dozen flights in and out of Pittsburgh are either delayed or cancelled. Here’s the full list:

UPDATE 6:00 AM: Port Authority is operating on a one hour delay. Buses are staying on the main roads only as there are buses stuck on side roads all over the region. There are also areas buses are currently not running, including Polish Hill, Alcoma, Braddock Hills and Bon Air.

UPDATE 5:53 AM: If you’re hitting the roads and see a snow plow, make sure to give it space!

UPDATE 5:35 AM: While snow is ravaging the roads, it’s pretty to look at from inside the comfort of your home. Do you have photos to share with Channel 11? Submit them here!

UPDATE 5:25 AM: Channel 11′s Scott Harbaugh has the latest snow totals from around the region.

UPDATE 5:18 AM: There are a handful of power outages throughout the area. Duquesne Light is reporting 189 outages in Plum and 40 in Penn Hills. West Penn Power has outages listed in Level Green, Gastonville and North Fayette Township.

UPDATE 4:57 AM: Channel 11′s traffic tracker is at the scene of a crash on the Parkway North that involves an ambulance. Officials say no one has been taken the hospital as a result of the crash.

UPDATE 4:45 AM: Crews are still working to clear the roads as snow continues to pile on. Check out this train of PennDOT plows on McKnight Road.

UPDATE 4:33 AM: The disabled vehicle on I-376 westbound is clear. However, there’s a multi vehicle crash on I-376 eastbound near mile marker 76 with a lane restriction.

UPDATE 4:28 AM: There’s a disabled vehicle on I-376 westbound that has all lanes closed. Avoid the area if you’re heading out.

UPDATE 4:20 AM: There is a crash with on I-279 southbound at MM 2. At least one lane is closed. Channel 11′s traffic tracker is going to check it out.

UPDATE 4:00 AM: Find the snow shovel and be ready for bad roads heading out anywhere today. A Winter Storm Warning remains in effect until 1pm Monday.

Many areas will see 6″-9″ total before snow winds down late Monday morning. Some areas in our northwest communities will see close to a foot of snow by the time all is said and done. Snow will tape to scattered snow showers by lunch.

Wind and cold will make it hard for crews to keep roads clear. Temperatures will stay below freezing all day, and the wind will blow snow back over already cleared roads.

Make sure to stay weather aware through the winter storm. Check in with Severe Weather Team 11 on air, online, and on the app.

UPDATE 3:55 AM: Special extended winter storm coverage starts in just minutes on Channel 11 Morning News!

UPDATE 3:35 AM: Road crews in the City of Pittsburgh continue to work on clearing the roads.

Join us for LIVE EXTENDED COVERAGE starting at 4 a.m. on Channel 11.

UPDATE 3:10 AM: Snow will continue, on and off, into the mid morning. Most areas will see at least 6″ of snow by the time it’s all said and done.

UPDATE 1:45 AM: Plowing is beginning in Butler County. 11 News has crews throughout our viewing area to keep you updated.

UPDATE 1:00 AM: Here’s a look at a Pittsburgh-area road just before 1 a.m., roads are slick. Drive with caution.

UPDATE 12:41 AM: The disabled vehicle at mile post 75.5 has been cleared.

UPDATE 12:35 AM: A disabled vehicle is causing a lane restriction on I-376 East at Commercial Street.

UPDATE 12:30 AM: I-79 Northbound is covered in some spots. Use caution if you have to use this route, and keep in mind that speed restrictions are in place at 45 miles per hour.

**MONDAY JANUARY 17, 2022**

UPDATE 12:08 AM: Locations across our viewing area can expect another 2 to 4 inches of snow by 7 a.m.

UPDATE 11:45 PM: Freezing rain and sleet is swapping back over to snow throughout the viewing area.

UPDATE 11:05 PM: Mayor Chris Frye has declared a weather emergency for the city of New Castle. It will be in effect until 7 a.m. on Tuesday.

UPDATE 10:55 PM: Snow has turned to freezing rain and sleet in Washington.

UPDATE 10:00 PM: Snow is blowing on top of Seven Springs Resort.

UPDATE 9:45 PM: A power outage is still impacting Lawrenceville, with 231 total customers now affected. There is no estimated time of restoration right now.

UPDATE 9:00 PM: Snowfall rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour are expected over the next several hours, according to the National Weather Service.

UPDATE 8:15 PM: 175 people are without power in Lawrenceville, according to the Duquesne Light outage map.

UPDATE 8:00 PM: Here is the full list of vehicle restrictions in Pennsylvania:

Tier 4: All Commercial Vehicles

I-99: PA Turnpike to I-80

I-80: OH Line to I-99

I-376: I-279

I-76 PA Turnpike: Cranberry to Breezewood

Tier 3: All Commercial Vehicles w/o Chains or ATD Onboard

I-86: I-90 to NY Line

I-70: I-79 to

I-90: OH Line to NY Line

I-70: PA Turnpike to MD Line

I-79: I-80 to End of I-79

Tier 2: Empties & Loaded Tandem Trailers w/o Chains or ATD Onboard

I-79: WV Line to I-80

I-283: PA Turnpike to I-83

I-279: PA 28 to I-79

I-81: MD Line to NY Line

I-376: I-80I-78: I-81 to NJ Line

I-376: I-279 to PA Turnpike

I-70: PA Turnpike to OH Line to I-79

I-80: I-99 to NJ Line

I-676: I-76 to NJ Line

I-176: PA Turnpike to US 422

I-579: I-376 to I-279

I-295: PA Turnpike to NJ Line

I-180: US 15 to I-80

I-84: I-81 to NY Line

I-83: MD Line to I-81

I-380: I-80 to I-81

I-76: PA Turnpike to NJ Line

I-476: I-95 to Turnpike 476

I-95: DE Line to NJ Line

I-476 PA Turnpike: Pocono to Clarks Summit

I-95 PA Turnpike: I-276 to NJ line

I-76 PA Turnpike: Gateway (Ohio Connection) to Cranberry

I-76 PA Turnpike: Breezewood to Valley Forge

I-376 PA Turnpike: New Castle to PA 51/Chippewa

I-576 PA Turnpike: I-376 to I-79

I-476 PA Turnpike: Mid-County to Pocono

I-276 PA Turnpike: Valley Forge to I-95 connector

PA 33: I-78 to I-80

PA 66 Turnpike: US 119 / I-70 to US 22 / Blairsville

PA 43 Turnpike: WV Line to PA 51 Jefferson Hills

US 22: I-78 to New Jersey State Line

UPDATE 7:30 PM: A break in the snow later tonight, around 10 p.m., may give road crews some time to catch up.

UPDATE 7:10 PM: I-376 East has been REOPENED after a crash. PennDOT advises drivers to use caution on the roadway.

UPDATE 7:05 PM: An accident has been reported on I-376 Westbound before Carnegie.

UPDATE 6:50 PM: I-376 Eastbound is closed between the Monroeville (exit 80) and Penn Hills (exit 81) exits. PennDOT says emergency personnel are on the scene assisting with the crash.

UPDATE 6:35 PM: I-376 Eastbound still closed due to tractor trailer blocking all lanes.

UPDATE 6:15 PM: I-80 has been moved to a Tier 4 restriction. This means that only emergency responders should be on I-80 until the restriction is lifted.

I-376 Eastbound at Rodi Road is experiencing delays due to a stuck tractor-trailer.

UPDATE 5:45 PM: Snow is beginning to stick to roads in the City of Pittsburgh.

UPDATE 5:35 PM: PennDOT has reduced speed on Route 28 North and South. All vehicles should travel 45 miles per hour and commercial vehicles should use the right lane only, from Exit 1A in Allegheny County to Exit US 422 in Armstrong County.

UPDATE 5:30 PM: PennDOT has reduced speed to 45 miles per hour on I-70 in Washington and Westmoreland counties and on I-79 in Greene and Westmoreland counties. Commercial vehicles should use the right lane only.

Pittsburgh Public Safety is urging residents to avoid unnecessary travel.

UPDATE 5:25 PM: PennDOT has temporarily placed Tier 3 restrictions on I-70, east of I-79 in Westmoreland and Washington counties.

UPDATE 5:15 PM: Our 11 News team in Bethel Park says snow is coming down and impacting visibility. The snow is sticking to roads in some areas, but highly traveled roads are just wet.

Winter weather has reduced speeds on I-79 North between the West Virginia State Line and Exit 116B towards I-80 West to Sharon. The speed limit has been reduced to 45 miles per hour, and commercial vehicles should use the right lane only.

UPDATE 5:00 PM: Washington County is seeing a slick coating on untreated roads, parking lots and sidewalks.

UPDATE 4:55 PM: An accident on 376 N near Camp Horne Road is causing delays. Vehicles approaching the scene are having a hard time stopping.

UPDATE 4:50 PM: Allegheny County 911 is seeing an increase in traffic collisions. County officials say roads are slick.

UPDATE 4:34 PM: Heavy, wet snow is starting to fall all over our viewing area.

UPDATE 4:30 PM: A winter weather speed and vehicle restriction has been placed on US-22 East and West beginning at Exit US 119 North -- Indiana in Indiana County to Exit PA 75 -- Port Royal in Juniata County.

UPDATE 4:00 PM: Freezing rain is causing icy conditions in Uniontown. Use caution.

UPDATE 3:50 PM: PennDOT is temporarily restricting Tier 2 vehicles on the following roadways:

Allegheny County

· Interstates 79, 376 (Parkways East and West), 279 (Parkway North), and 579

Beaver County

· Interstate 376 (Beaver Valley Expressway)

Lawrence County

· Interstates 79 and 376

UPDATE 3:40 PM: The Bethel Park Mayor has declared a snow emergency for the municipality of Bethel Park and urges residents to take the following immediate actions:

· Move vehicles to your driveway.

· Keep garbage cans off the street. Please note, due to the weather conditions, garbage pickup may be delayed.

· Ensure that cell phones and computers are charged.

· Please check on elderly neighbors.

· And, if possible, please stay off the roads. Public Works is clearing the roads and will continue to do so until a time when the roads are safe for travel.

UPDATE 3:10 PM: PennDOT is temporarily restricting Tier 2 vehicles on I-70 and I-79 in Southwest Pennsylvania.

UPDATE 3:00 PM: Snow has started falling across Western Pennsylvania.

We’ve been checking with Pittsburgh International Airport, and will keep you updated on flight delays.

As of now, Tier 2 vehicle restrictions are in effect for the following roadways:

  • All interstates south of Interstate 80, not including Interstate 80
  • PA Turnpike I-76 (Mainline) from the Ohio border to Cranberry (Exit 28), and then from the Breezewood (Exit 161) to the New Jersey border, including all western extensions;
  • PA Turnpike Northeast Extension (I-476) from I-276 to I-80;
  • U.S. 22 from I-78 to the New Jersey border;
  • Route 33 from I-78 to I-80.

A winter storm is anticipated to deliver several inches of snow to western Pennsylvania Sunday through Monday. There are many quiet hours left in the weekend to prepare for the winter storm before it arrives during the second part of the day Sunday. Confidence is growing in timing and impacts.

Download the Severe Weather Team 11 app to stay updated on the track and totals expected from this storm.

FULL LIST: Pittsburgh area school and business closings and delays

Snow will move into our southern region Sunday afternoon. Coverage will grow through the evening. Widespread snow will fall Sunday night with heavy snow at times. If you must travel on the roads Sunday night into Monday morning, watch for snowy and icy roads. Falling snow can reduce visibility, making travel hazardous. Snow coverage decreases after sunrise Monday with lingering snow showers fading through the day.

WATCH: Live updates on the major snowfall heading our way

Below is a map showing the latest prediction for snow totals.

Limit your exposure to the cold and bring your pets inside. Winds will be strong Monday, gusting from the west at 30 mph. Wind chills will be in the teens.

RELATED: Allegheny County Public Works gearing up to treat roads during snowstorm

Stay with Severe Weather Team 11 for the latest information. Updates will be provided on-air, online, and on the Severe Weather Team 11 app. Make sure your notifications are turned on so you can receive important push alerts. Download the app here.

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