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Application filed to overturn pause in school mask mandate court ruling

PITTSBURGH — An application to overturn a pause in the state’s school mask mandate court proceedings was filed late Thursday afternoon.

Days ago, Commonwealth Court Judge Christine Fizzano Cannon ruled that Pennsylvania Acting Secretary of Health Alison Beam did not have the authority to enact such a requirement and that it was “void and unenforceable.” That meant the mask mandate was dead.

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Gov. Tom Wolf’s administration immediately filed an appeal, which put everything on pause. That meant the mask mandate was still in place.

Confirmed by Attorney Thomas King III, Thursday’s application seeks to revert back to Cannon’s filing, which would overturn the mask requirement.

“Within mere hours of this Court’s order, the Acting Secretary appealed to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court with complete disregard to the ongoing violation of Pennsylvania law,” the filing said. “The Masking Order has been declared to be illegal and void; and, thus, robs Petitioners of the ability to make decisions for themselves.”