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Attorney: Video shows moments before student assaulted by resource officer

CHURCHILL, Pa. — Two families are calling for the superintendent, principal and school resource officer at Woodland Hills High School to be fired and face consequences for what they say are recent acts of violence against students.

Attorney Todd Hollis released two new videos involving students.

One shows an altercation in March during which a student alleged he had a tooth knocked out by a school resource officer. In the video, you can see Que’chawn Wade being led into a room off camera in the school’s office by two officers. Hollis said one of them hit Wade in the mouth when Principal Kevin Murray was in the room.


“There’s a serious cultural problem regarding the safety and protection of our children at Woodland Hills High School,” Hollis said.


The second video released Tuesday showed a student who claimed he was abused by the same resource officer in 2015. You can see the student being picked up and body-slammed to the ground.

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His attorney, Frank Ralph, alleges the video shows then-Principal Murray holding the teenager while the officer uses his Taser on him.

“These are not unusual at Woodland Hills. Adults taunt, provoke and threaten children. Adults resort to violence,” Ralph said.

An attorney for the principal and school resource officer said they’re being made out to be something they’re not.

“They’ve had good careers, respectively,” said attorney Phil DiLucente. “It hurts them personally because they know they are trying to do right for the children.

Channel 11 reached out to the district superintendent for comment but has not heard back.

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