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Bellevue family looking for owner who ran away as dog attacked them

BELLEVUE, Pa. — A Bellevue family tells Channel 11 they were taking their dog for a walk when another dog approached and attacked them.

A routine walk with Jean Benny’s daughter and their 3-year-old English bulldog, Duke, turned vicious after she said they noticed another dog owner and their pet headed in their direction.

“Any responsible dog owner I think, would cross the street or go the opposite way,” said Benny.

Instead of that happening, Benny says Duke became excited, and when she reached down to grab him, he accidentally slipped out of his collar.

“As soon as we saw that he got off his collar, we dove on him, said Benny. “He didn’t go anywhere or do anything because we were on top of him.”

Seconds later, Benny says the other dog, now directly in front of them, became vicious and attacked.

“It bit my daughter in the forearm and then had me in the hand,” said Benny. “I’ll probably end up losing my fingernail, but my whole hand was in its mouth.”

Benny claims while she and her daughter, Mariah, were being attacked, the dog’s owner never once stepped in to help.

“She ran. I was yelling, ‘Your dog is biting me,’ and then she took off.”

Now the Bennys, after having to go to the emergency room and undergo various shots and X-rays, want the person responsible to come forward.

“I just want her to do the right thing,” said Benny.

According to the Bellevue Police Department, a report on the attack was taken and if they can identify the dog owner, criminal charges are possible.

Benny describes the dog owner as a white woman in her late 30s to early 40s, with shoulder-length, brown wavy hair. Benny describes the dog that attacked them as being a larger dog with brown fur.

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