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Bricks crash down from popular bar in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood

PITTSBURGH — Bricks started falling off a building, crashing down onto the sidewalk and street below in Pittsburgh’s Lawrenceville neighborhood early Thursday morning.

This happened about 1 a.m. at the building on Butler Street where Industry Public House, a popular bar and restaurant, is located. Butler Street is closed between 42nd and 44th streets.

After the facade fell, Duquesne Light was called because wires were hanging, and Peoples Gas turned the gas off to the building. A building inspector was also brought in and the building was temporarily condemned.

“Industry is obviously closed. Thank God nobody’s been hurt. That’s the big thing,” George Sestric, co-owner of the building, said.

A University of Pittsburgh Medical Center office is also located in the building.

“Obviously, we’ve cancelled our patients for today. I don’t know if we’re going to be able to see patients later this week or not, so it’s a major interruption,” Sestric said.

Drivers are being told they’ll have to avoid the area throughout the day as the cleanup continues. Penn Avenue is the best alternate route.

While no one was hurt, the incident is still concerning to people who live in and frequent the area.

“It’s scary that can even happen. It’s all old around here, and you never think twice when you’re walking down the street that something like that can happen,” Denise Cognac, who lives in Lawrenceville, said. “That nobody was around, and it picked a moment. There was no wind. There was no storm. It just happened suddenly. Just like that. It’s crazy.”