Swimply seeing growth across Pittsburgh, called the ‘Airbnb of swimming pools’

PITTSBURGH — It’s been nicknamed the “Airbnb of swimming pools” and it’s seeing substantial growth across the Pittsburgh area since it was created in 2018.

Swimply, which allows hosts to rent their pools out to guests for a few hours at a time, now has 19 rentals available in Pittsburgh, according to our partners at TribLive.com.

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Hosts can set limits in terms of group size, whether they will allow parties, if pets are welcome, age limits and restrictions for alcohol and smoking. It is free to register a pool for rent and the company takes 15% of the host’s profit. Swimply offers $1 million in liability insurance and $10,000 in property damage to protect both guests and hosts. Hosts determine when and for how long they want to rent their pool, and the company allows them to offer other amenities such as Wi-Fi, electrical access, towels and bathrooms.

A spokesperson for Swimply said it has seen a 4,000% surge in revenue from 2019 to 2020, which they believe is partially a result of the pandemic.