Car wrap scams targeting people in Pittsburgh area

PITTSBURGH — The promise is simple and easy: place a car company decal or wrap on the side of your car and make money fast. It’s a total scam, officials warn, and they don’t want you to be victim.

Everyone is looking for a quick buck as the pandemic continues to drag out.

The Federal Trade Commission is now sounding the alarm on a growing scam that focuses on advertising businesses on the side of your car.

People posing as representatives from big-name cigarette and hand-sanitizing companies are reaching out to local people.

The representatives are promising hundreds of dollars a week for wrapping your car in their logo.

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But officials said that the companies have nothing to do with the brand and that it’s a check-cashing scam.

The bogus company will ask you to deposit a check into your bank account, then tell you to pay the “decal” agent to install the nonexistent logo.

Officials say the check is fake and the decal agent is not a real person.

It’s nearly impossible to trace the check back to the initial sender or to get your money back, officials said.

Your bank will ultimately determine that the check is fake and then charge you for the full amount plus whatever you sent to the other person.

“If someone is really trying to pressure you to deposit this check, turn around and send that money elsewhere within a short time frame say 24 hours or such—that should always be a red flag it’s a fake check scam,” said Caitlin Driscoll, public relations director of the Better Business Bureau of Western Pennsylvania.

If you believe you are a victim, report it the Federal Trade Commission or through the Better Business Bureau’s website.