• Detroit police: Chelsa Wagner showed 'level of intoxication' during incident


    PITTSBURGH - The police chief spoke Friday to describe an altercation involving Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner inside a hotel in Detroit.

    Wagner and her husband were attending a concert in the city Wednesday when the incident took place. Her husband apparently became locked out of their room after being at the hotel bar, and when he went to get in security was called, followed by police.

    "The officers returned to the room and in very respectful way and advised that we are going to have to escort your husband out because the hotel doesn't want him to stay," he said.

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    Detroit Police Chief James Craig would not go into details but said there was "a level of intoxication" in both Wagner and her husband.

    "We feel the officers' actions were appropriate they were measured, and they treated both with professionalism given that both had a level of intoxication," he said.

    Craig said Wagner was "taken to the ground" by one of his officers, and she claims she injured her wrist when that happened.

    "At some point she puts her hand on the officer and the officer, takes the wife to the ground.  you could hear in the video be careful it almost seems as if he was trying to break her fall," he said.

    Wagner was handcuffed and taken to jail. Her husband was released and allowed to gather their belongings. 

    In a statement following Craig's news conference, Wagner's attorney Heather Heidelbaugh said "Wagner will be making statements regarding this incident and looks forward to addressing the facts in full."



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