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Chicken wing shortage impacting local eateries

PITTSBURGH — Restaurant owners across the region say they’re running out of items left and right because of supply issues, including chicken wings.

“If they don’t have them, you call another food purveyor. Hopefully they have them and you just try to load up whenever you can,” said Matt Voelker, owner of Nadine’s Diner.

Nadine’s Diner in the South Side is a popular spot for wings. Voelker said the shortage couldn’t have come at a worse time as the Steelers season gets rolling.

With supply problems, it’s causing the cost for a dozen wings to skyrocket.

“We ran $13.99 for years. Now we are up to $22.99,” said Matt Cercone, owner of Big Shot Bobs in Avalon.

Cercone said he’s losing customers because of the prices.

“We don’t see them as frequently or they may not come up at all. The goal is whenever prices are lowered, we will also lower the prices to the customers,” he said.

Other restaurant owners said they’re taking wing specials off their menus until the shortage can be resolved, but the shortage is expected to linger until next spring.