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Connellsville school bathroom policy change has some parents outraged

CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. — An email sent to Connellsville Middle School parents, updating them about a policy change, has some outraged. Many claim it will be harmful to their child’s mental and physical health.

“We are implementing a building-wide classroom sign-out sheet. Our main objective of the sign-out sheet is to lessen the number of times in a day a student leaves the classroom and to prevent vandalism throughout the building,” the email read.The policy isn’t necessarily new but it’s one the principal hopes will lessen the vandalism of school property.

“I just don’t think it will be very effective,” said parent Erika Mendocino.

Over the phone, school principal Geoffrey Snyder said bathroom vandalism was happening almost daily at the school prior to the last month.

“A lot of children are raised the right way,” said Mary Bitner. “Not all of these kids are doing these Tik Toks in the bathrooms.”

Overall, both Mendocino and Bitner said their biggest concern is for young girls.

Per the school email, students will be required to carry their sign-out sheet with them to each class. If they lose it, it will cost a dollar to replace.