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Coronavirus: Gun sales rise, more than double permits issued in western Pennsylvania

The firearms permit office in the Allegheny County Courthouse will be closed for two weeks starting Tuesday.

The Allegheny County Sheriff’s office said it issued more than double the number of permits Monday as it normally does, according to our partners at the Trib.

The Sheriff’s Office said it averages 40 to 70 permits a day. By 2 p.m. on Monday, that number reached 150.

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Channel 11 talked with Jody Salerno, who owns Elite Firearms and Training in Bridgeville, says her store has been busy.

“The reason we hear people want to buy guns is self-defense. My company is not just a gun store, so we do a lot of self-defense training and our customers want the tools and education they need to protect themselves and their families,” Salerno said.

The owner of Misczak’s Hunting Supplies in East Deer, Joe Misczak, told the Trib that sales of handguns and long guns have been up 50% in the past four days.

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