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Local man beaten, nearly robbed at resort in Dominican Republic

A local man said he was beaten and nearly robbed while on vacation with his wife.

It was at the same resort in the Dominican Republic where a woman was almost strangled to death.

Robert Walker said he was walking alone back to his room from the casino at the Majestic Elegance Resort in Punta Cana when robbers hit him from behind and started beating him.

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"I just started swinging, I am going nuts, and they fled. I go back to my room and and I have a knot the size of a baseball and was concussed for a few days," he said.

Walker told Channel 11 this happened around the same time period that another person, Tammy Lawrence Daley from Delaware, says she was attacked at the same resort.

"I came to to him beating me and kicking me in the head," she said.

Both Walker and Daly are making their stories known after several Americans died while traveling to the Dominican Republic in the past few months.

"I am most upset with the hotel resort. I told them what happened it fell on deaf ears," Walker said.

His advice for other vacationers?

"I would not travel alone or be out be by myself," he said.


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